Floorlift vls-series

A floorlift keeps your floorspace free, your vieuw unobstructed and creates a stylish and sleek design!

The Floorlifts are available in different versions. The most basic model is a telescopic lifting system that brings your screen high above the flooring and turns the screen at an angle for you to watch comfortably. The lift can be installed by you. In addition a model that comes with a watertight enclosing and a motorised coverflap is obtainable. The latter is installed by tvliftboy.



  • Integration in flooring
  • Large travel
  • Swivel element included
  • Controlled by remote control, homeautomation, Smartphone
  • Excellent cable management
  • Sof start/soft stop
  • Intelligent motion control
  • Dynamic overload protection
  • Floorlift for "heavy" screens above 35 kg. is available

Additional Info

Categorie: Vloerliften
Schermformaat tot (inch): 55 of groter
Max. TV gewicht (kg): standaard 30
TV beweegt naar...: ↑ ... boven
Slag (mm): variabel
Standaard slag instelbaar: nee
Draaifunctie: ja
Geïntegreerde klep: ja
Standaard bediening: RF, Smartphone
Inbouwmaat (mm): variabel, op maat
Kategorie: Bodenlift
Bildschirmgröße bis (inch): 55 und größer
Max. Gewicht TV (kg): Standard 30
Bewegung: ↑ ... oben
Hub (mm): Variabel
Einstellbare Hublänge: nein
Mittig Drehen: ja
Integriertes Klappe: ja
Bedienung: RF, Smartphone
Einbaumaß (mm): Variabel, maßgeschneidert
Category: Floorlifts
Screen Size up to (inch): 55 and larger
Max. TV weight (kg): standard 30
Movement: ↑ ... up
Travel (mm): variable
Adjustable travel: no
Swivel function: yes
Integrated cover flap: yes
Operated by: RF, Smartphone
Dimensions (mm): variable, tailor-made
Categoría: Elevadores de techo
Tamaño de pantalla (pulgadas): 55 y más grande
Peso max. (kg): standard 30
Movimiento: ↑ ... arriba
Recorrido (mm): variable
Recorrido ajustable: no
Giratorio: si
Tapa superior integrado: si
Mando a distancia: RF, Smartphone
Dimensión (mm): variable, costumbre 



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tvliftboy is een Nederlands bedrijf dat zich volledig heeft toegelegd op het bedenken, ontwerpen en bouwen van televisieliften...

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tvliftboy ist ein holländisches Unternehmen und entwickelt und produziert elektrisch angetriebene Fernseherlifte.

Telefoon: +31 (0)182 - 388 551
E-mail: info@tvliftboy.nl

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tvliftboy is a Dutch based company specialised in the design and the manufacturing of television lifts.

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tvliftboy es una empresa holandesa que se ha dedicado plenamente a la concepción, el diseño y la construcción de elevadores de televisión.

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